coloring matter造句

"coloring matter"是什麽意思   


  1. Research on the extraction of tomoto red coloring matter
  2. Extraction of gardenia coloring matter and its dyeing properties on silk
  3. Technology on extracting natural edible coloring matter form torch pine seed pinus taeda
  4. A liquid in which pigment is mixed to form paint ; a type of paint of coloring matter used in painting
  5. Dry coloring matter , usually an insoluble powder to be mixed with water , oil , or another base to produce paint and similar products
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  7. The article is on the thin layer chromatography for isolating the coloring matter in medlar leaves . thereby , foridentifying the - carotene
  8. The coloring matter contained in turmeric ( curcumin ) is virtually identical to the glycoside that gives saffron , a basic indian spice , its yellow hue
  9. It contains high levels of ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide , triterpene ganoderma lucidum acid , organic germanium , without adding any tea , coloring matter and additives
  10. Bz serial can purify degraded oil while transformer , instrument transformer and oil switch are operating and remove acidic substance , free carbon , coloring matter and deposited polluted substance but that fundamental components and antioxygenic property of oil to achieve functional performance of degrade oil up to national standard


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