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  1. Test colour transmission commenced in 1973 and started full-time in 1976.
  2. The full changeover to colour transmission did not occur until 1975.
  3. Additionally, a full-length movie titled " colour transmission in 1975.
  4. The film became a cult success when regularly broadcast as a BBC2 colour transmissions.
  5. During its run, the series made the transition from black and white to colour transmissions.
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  7. RTQ-7 began colour transmissions on 1 March 1975.
  8. TWW was also a player in the development of 625-line colour transmission for the ITV network.
  9. A television service, T閘関ision Nationale du Burundi, was established in 1984, and began colour transmission in 1985.
  10. Full-time colour transmission was introduced to ATV-0 in March 1975 in line with other stations around the country.
  11. It was considered essential that these viewers should see no degradation in picture quality when viewing colour transmissions.
  12. Colour transmissions could be received ( in monochrome ) on monochrome 625-line sets until the end of analogue broadcasting.
  13. At that time ITV had recently switched to colour transmissions, requiring the individual companies to invest heavily in new equipment.
  14. Yet, it was only 16 years ago that one of the country's biggest political debates was whether we could'afford'switching over to colour transmission!
  15. Public pressure on the issue of colour transmissions mounted, and in 1981 IBA and IETV were allowed to film their own regular productions in colour.
  16. Colour transmission finally arrived in 1967 on BBC 2 under the stewardship of David Attenborough, who had retired from programme-making to move into BBC administration.
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