1. Comdata also is testing payroll processing services for the transportation area.
  2. Chaparla worked on a project for ComData in Nebraska last fall.
  3. In January 2015 Behalf announced a partnership with MasterCard and Comdata.
  4. Lazard Freres & Co . is advising Comdata.
  5. Atento announced the sale of its operations in the Czech Republic to Comdata SPA
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  7. It earned 49 cents a share before costs related to its Comdata Holdings Corp . acquisition.
  8. In fact, roughly 15 percent of gift certificates will never be redeemed, according to Comdata.
  9. Comdata has been a subsidiary of Ceridian since 1995, and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee.
  10. Comdata preferred shareholders " will receive equivalent consideration, " the companies said in a statement.
  11. After the purchase is completed, Comdata will retain its name and operate as an independent Ceridian unit.
  12. Under the agreement, Comdata common shareholders will receive 0.57 Ceridian common share for each share held.
  13. The agreement with Comdata marks the 11th acquisition in three years for Ceridian, a Minneapolis information services and defense electronics company.
  14. Ceridian Corp ., for example, exceeded estimates before adding in the costs of its recent Comdata Holdings Corp . acquisitions.
  15. But ComData never found him another project, never gave him another paycheck, but never officially terminated him either, Chaparla says.
  16. ComData contends that it fired Chaparla back in February, and that it was not responsible for renting the apartment he stayed in.
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