1. In 1940-1941 The Destroyer Force of the Pacific Fleet consisted of two Destroyer Flotillas, Flotilla One was commanded by Rear Admiral Theobald and Flotilla Two was commanded by Rear Admiral Draemel ( COMDESPAC ).
  2. Tisdale's career including surface command ( ),, various staff positions, and Commander, Destroyers, Pacific Fleet ( ComDesPac ) during World War II . He was also Commandant of Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy at the start of World War II . After his superior's ship was put out of action during the Battle of Tassafaronga he assumed command of the task force, continuing the battle from the.
  3. Under his command the consolidation of all Cruisers, Destroyers ( previously under COMDESPAC ), Frigates ( in Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Pacific ), Amphibious ( ComPhibPac ), Mine Force ( previously including Mine Squadron 7, disestablished in 1968 ), Pacific Fleet, Service Force Ships, Tenders and Repair Ships ( in Service Force, Pacific Fleet ( ComServPac ) ), Naval Special Warfare Forces ( SEALS ), and Amphibious warfare schools of the Pacific Fleet, was commenced.
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