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  1. Comdex Fall 2002 : http : / / www . comdex . com / fall
  2. CI Host also served as a key sponsor for Comdex Fall'99, a major high-tech trade show.
  3. Microsoft will announce the service at the Comdex fall computer trade show, which begins Monday in Las Vegas, Nev.
  4. COMDEX _ Connecting computers in a home into a network was one of the hot spots at Comdex Fall'98.
  5. Three days later in the same city, CI Host will be a key sponsor of Comdex Fall'99, the Super Bowl of high-tech trade shows.
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  7. In November, at the Comdex Fall trade show in Las Vegas, Delphi won the 1994 Best Of Comdex Award in the development / system software category.
  8. They're even braving this week's Microsoft-dominated Comdex fall computer show, one of the nation's largest high-tech exhibitions expected to draw about 200, 000 people this week.
  9. "We sold out of product this fall, " said said Bob Livolsi, Crossroad's vice president for marketing between meetings with current and potential customers at Comdex Fall'98.
  10. The company demonstrated how it will work in a mock-up of a passenger compartment on the floor of this week's Comdex Fall computer trade show in Las Vegas.
  11. He was among more than 200, 000 business people, purchasing-department officials, vendors and consumers who have come to this gambling mecca for Comdex Fall'98, the latest word on personal computing.
  12. Gates, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect, was expected to make that prediction last night in his opening keynote at the Comdex Fall 2001 trade show in Las Vegas, according to a company spokesman.
  13. "We will see the PCs reach into the most complex, mission-critical applications, and displace the remaining legacy systems, " said Pfeiffer in his keynote address at Comdex Fall 97 show in Las Vegas, US.
  14. It's not just me : Survey the news coverage of this week's Comdex Fall trade show and I'll bet you'll find " post-PC " devices garnering way more attention than their actual sales would seem to warrant.
  15. THE five-day 19th Comdex Fall exhibition in Las Vegas which ended last Friday provided a slew of new products that will evidently instigate a new trend in the information technology ( IT ) industry in the near future.
  16. He hasn't caught a single wink since getting into his car Sunday in Graham, Texas, and driving right into the desert, into Las Vegas, to something called COMDEX Fall, the single largest gathering of people who love and worship computers and technology on planet Earth.
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