1. The General took over as Comdt OTA Chennai on 18 Oct 2015.
  2. Theodorick Bland Esqr ., Major, Comdt . to be Colonel thereof.
  3. Daughter of an Indian Border Security Officer, Comdt.
  4. The Free State reinforcements were led by Comdt.
  5. The landings in Cork and Kerry forced Comdt.
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  7. In June 1967 Comdt Thomas Wickham of the Irish Defense Forces was shot dead in Syria.
  8. Gustav was the son of Comdt.
  9. He was survived by his brothers, Comdt Seamus O'Daly and Capt Frank O'Daly.
  10. A detachment led by Comdt . van der Hoven, led the South African contingent in the Coronation parade in London in 1953.
  11. One of his other brothers, Jimmy, was Vice-Comdt . of Tipperary No . 2 Brigade of the Irish Republican Army.
  12. As Colley advanced up the slope of the Ingogo he received word from his scouting party that a mainly mounted Boer force under Gen . N J Smith and Comdt.
  13. He was succeeded in 1982, by Ite O'Donovan and in 1996 by Comdt Joseph Ryan . 觬la Barry was the director from the end of 1996 to 2001.
  14. AVMs and above and those officers assigned to the 1-Star posts of Comdt RAFC Cranwell, Air Officer Wales and Air Officer Scotland wear distinctive unranked ceremonial shoulder boards when in No 1A ( ceremonial day ) dress.
  15. Lt Gen Bobby Mathews has been an Instructor at the IMA, Dehradun, Infantry School, Mhow, The Defence Services Staff College Wellington, and Dy Comdt & Chief Instructor at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun . He has also been BM of a Mtn Bde & Col GS of an Inf Division.
  16. Liam Kearns coached Na Piarsaigh to the Limerick U21 Football Championship in 1997, the clubs only U21 football county title, a team that contained Declan Lynch ( Head of Sports Medicine Bath Rugby ), Mike Prendergast ( Assistant Coach to Grenoble ), Ian Costello ( Former Backs Coach to Munster ) and captained by Comdt Joe Mullins.
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