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  1. Khan's only disappointment is that " Come 2 My House " hasn't received more exposure on radio stations.
  2. After first covering NPG label, Khan and Prince finally teamed up for their first full-length project together; " Come 2 My House ".
  3. But Khan said she's never been more satisfied with her recorded work than she was with last year's " Come 2 My House " album.
  4. ""'Come 2 My House " "'is the ninth studio album by American funk singer Chaka Khan released on the NPG Records label in 1998.
  5. Released this summer, Khan's 20th album, " Come 2 My House " ( New Power Generation Records ), includes 10 songs written or co-written by Prince.
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  7. "Come 2 My House " was released on the Artist's NPG label and can be purchased through the Internet and at Khan's concerts, as well as at some conventional retail outlets.
  8. "Come 2 My House " was Khan's first full-length album since 1992's " The Woman I Am ", due to the Warner Bros . Records label postponing and eventually cancelling the release of her tenth album " Dare You to Love Me " ( 1995 ).
  9. CD, retitled, " Soul Sanctuary " . " I'll Never Open My Legs Again " used by Chaka Khan on her " Come 2 My House " CD retitled, " I'll Never Be Another Fool ", " Whatever You Want " used by Tina Turner, and " Love Is ", also used by Prince for an unreleased band under his production.
  10. Since Khan's 1995 album " Dare You to Love Me " was shelved by the Warner Bros . Records label and instead only partly made available on " greatest hits " compilations and movie soundtracks, it was to be six years before she released another full-length album, the Prince co-produced " Come 2 My House " on his label NPG Records.
  11. One of the two tracks not to be produced by Russ Titelman was the funky and improvisational " Sticky Wicked ", Khan's first proper collaboration with Prince after having covered his " I Feel for You " in 1984 and turning it into a million-selling hit single . " ck " also includes a second Prince composition, " Eternity " ( produced by David Frank and Khan herself ), and some ten years later Khan and Prince were to team up for a full-length album together, " Come 2 My House ".
  12. Despite receiving glowing reviews and wide variety-the album's funk, smooth ballads, gospel, hip-hop and bass-heavy beats were combined with Khan's lyrics, which were both seductive, ( title track ), spiritual, political ( " Democrazy " ), autobiographical ( " This Crazy Life Of Mine " ), provocative and humorous ( " I'll never open my legs again / to a man who's insecure ", from " Never B Another Fool " )-the " Come 2 My House " project was met with general indifference by musical audiences and is often regarded as Khan's second lost album.


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