come a little closer造句


  1. Unfortunately, it is the real world coming a little closer.
  2. "It just allows them to come a little closer.
  3. No keyboard, and heaven comes a little closer.
  4. Come a little closer, though, and neither man nor animal has any skin.
  5. "Come a little closer, " Ahmed said . " Stop, move just a little.
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  7. Every day, Carl C . Icahn comes a little closer to getting rid of his excess TWA baggage.
  8. "Actually, I was hoping it would have come a little closer, " said Stevens.
  9. I'll focus on retiring at age 55, because the numbers come a little closer at that point.
  10. It produced three singles on the " Come a Little Closer " and " Settle for a Slowdown ".
  11. It topped the " Come a Little Closer ", and the band's fifth overall chart-topper.
  12. "Lonely Road of Faith " comes a little closer with an organ and acoustic guitar tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  13. Each essay forces you to reread the sonnet under discussion and come a little closer to understanding this guy Shakespeare in the poem.
  14. ""'Come a Little Closer "'" is a single by American country rock band The Desert Rose Band.
  15. The " memory hole " comes a little closer to reality today every time a public institution decides to wipe its databanks clean.
  16. Milloy, president of the San Antonio-Austin Corridor Council, a transportation policy group, recently saw the dream come a little closer.
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