come a stranger造句


  1. But then comes a strange twist.
  2. However, in the meantime it swells up, breaks its shell, and out comes a strange bird-like creature named Ganmo.
  3. When Bullet is asked to work with a black runner, Tamer Shipp, also appearing as an adult in " Come a Stranger, " he refuses.
  4. But along with the paranoia that this constant wondering creates comes a strange sort of social comity that sometimes ends up in sharing brandy on a river bank with the watchers.
  5. Into this unhappy situation comes a stranger, the mysterious, weirdly dressed Mrs . Whatsit ( Alfre Woodard ), and her friends Mrs . Who ( Alison Elliot ) and Mrs . Which ( Kate Nelligan ).
  6. It's difficult to find come a stranger in a sentence. 用come a stranger造句挺難的
  7. Four of the books are, however, centered on other characters-- " The Runner " follows Dicey's uncle, Bullet . " Come a Stranger " and " A Solitary Blue " cover some of the same territory as " Dicey's Song " from the perspectives of Mina and Jeff, respectively, who are two of Dicey's friends . " Sons from Afar " focuses on Dicey's brothers, James and Sammy.


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