command and control research program造句


  1. He was the Director, Advanced Concepts, Technologies, and Information Strategies ( ACTIS ), Deputy Director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, and the executive agent for DoD's Command and Control Research Program.
  2. Trevithick led the development of the Experimental Laboratory for Investigating Collaboration, Information-sharing, and Trust ( ELICIT ) web-based platform under contract to the United States Department of Defense ( OASD / NII ) Command and Control Research Program ( CCRP ).
  3. He is currently the President of the International Command and Control Institute ( IC2I ), a non-profit dedicated to ensuring that the body of literature created and inspired by the DoD Command and Control Research Program ( DoD CCRP ), which is no longer funded by DoD, remains accessible to researchers.
  4. Clippinger founded three other companies ( Context Media, Lexeme / LingoMotors / EcoCap / Azigo ) and he then consulted on networked organizations to the Command and Control Research Program ( CCRP ) in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense ( Networks, Information and Integration ) before becoming a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
  5. "Power to the edge " is an information and organization management philosophy first articulated by the U . S . Department of Defense in a publication by Dr . David S . Alberts and Richard E . Hayes in 2003 titled : " Power to the Edge : Command . . . Control . . . in the Information Age . " This book was published by the Command and Control Research Program and can be downloaded from the Program's website.
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