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  1. Also, only glass eels will take to the commercial feeds used by fish farmers.
  2. And also like cattle, they can eat commercial feed.
  3. Grit is not needed if commercial feed is used.
  4. Now, there are eight commercial feed mills and 15 feed trading centres operating in the town.
  5. As of 2010 the mill owner claimed it is " Tasmania's only large-scale commercial feed milling operation ".
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  7. Cyagra now charges a commercial fee of $ 25, 000 with the guarantee of at least one healthy calf.
  8. Flinders Island farmer Ian Rochfort said the seed gave young geese a much better start to life than commercial feed.
  9. Where start-ups and spin-outs are the clients, commercial fees are sometimes waived in lieu of an equity stake in the business.
  10. Shrimp eat a diet of algae, supplemented by a commercial feed that contains a small percentage of squid, a favorite shrimp food.
  11. After World War II, there was a large increase in the number of Welsh pigs as suitable commercial feed became more available.
  12. The monasteries had been paying domestic power rates, but the state-run utility announced it would begin charging them higher commercial fees, Thero said.
  13. CBS offered Cronkite $ 125 a week along with " commercial fees " amounting to $ 25 for almost every time Cronkite reported on air.
  14. As small and medium livestock farms stopped mixing and selling feeds, they again restored to the use of commercial feeds, thereby shifting their market share to large integrated feedmillers.
  15. Getting that much seed, according to Rothermel's contract, was the equivalent of producing 300 bushels an acre of commercial feed corn, almost double the Illinois average in a record year.
  16. This form of the compound has proven to be particularly suitable as a commercial feed supplement for use in livestock and aquaculture due to its inherent chemical and physical characteristics.
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