1. The show ruffled feathers among beijing ' s commissars
  2. They represented their grievances to the commissar
  3. The certificate of commissar
  4. The commissar is the living embodiment of the immortal emperor ' s own will
  5. " i don ' t want to be a god - damn commissar ! " i screamed . " i want to be the commander - in - chief !
    “我才不要當什么狗屁政委呢! ”我嚷嚷道, “我要當那個司令! ”
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  7. A commissar retains the absolute right to administer justice both on and off the battlefield
  8. Any man found lacking will feel the wrath of the emperor , through the actions of his most just commissars
  9. Pao yu yi is a member of the uwsa s central committee and is the political commissar of uwsa s southern military region
  10. On a cold day , late in january 1947 , i sat in a comfortable , plush chair in commissar po ' s residence
  11. A commissar shall judge you fairly , but any sign of cowardice or weakness shall be purged from his sight
  12. A commissar is the bearer of the emperor ' s law , and holds the irrefutable right to mete out judgement , sentence and punishment
  13. When the battle is at its hardest and thoughts of retreat enter your mind , think of the commissar , and let them be an inspiration to you
  14. Be assured , if that doesn ' t work and you try to flee from the battle , a justice - seeking bolt from the commissar ' s gun will pass judgement upon you
  15. 1999 , the commissar of pointsman bureau , the famous calligrapher mr . suobao huang suffered from bph 1 level , he took the medicines prosfessor yang invented for 40 days , the hyperplastic prostate was reduced the illness was cured
    他為楊教授專門畫了一幅“大鵬展翅” ,有人要八千元買下,但他沒有賣而是送給楊教授表達感激之情。
  16. Nation commissar of the chinese peoples political consultative conference the administrative vice director of national quality technology supervisory bureau wang qinping inspected our company and shook hands warmly with the general manager of our company on august 11 , 2000
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