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  1. Van den Bergh sued, calling Prego's comparative ads misleading.
  2. I think there's a place for comparative ads.
  3. Unlike the FDA, for example, the FTC encourages comparative ads.
  4. Unfortunately, the way to do that is with negative or comparative ads.
  5. If companies try comparative ads, we would really scrutinize those very heavily,
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  7. ASCI officials confirm that 30 per cent of the complaints lodged related to comparative ads.
  8. The advertising fraternity will remember 1997 for the large number of comparative ads that hit the headlines.
  9. Currently, Alexander is running a comparative ad that says : " Alexander has fresh conservative ideas.
  10. "I've rarely seen a comparative ad that didn't create distortions,"
  11. I've always in any campaign I've run had the ability to do comparative ads that drew position differences.
  12. Tropicana said it's the third time in the last two years that Minute Maid comparative ads have been investigated by the Better Business Bureau.
  13. The decision, made Tuesday, came after Lufthansa sued to stop Ryanair from running comparative ads showing lower Ryanair prices to and from Frankfurt-Hahn.
  14. Lincoln described the spots created by Harcomm as " comparative ads, " not " attack ads . " He saidthe decision to air them was a " collaborative " one between Garelick Farms and Harcomm.
  15. The new law sets some limits : The ads must be fair, must not discredit the competitor, must not be deceitful or misleading, and it must only compare verifiable aspects of the products _ especially to avoid lawsuits, the main risk in comparative ads.
  16. But attack ads ( politicos call them " comparative ads " ) achieved a new vogue in 1988, when the image of Willie Horton, an escapee from a furlough program, contributed to the defeat of Gov . Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts in his bid for president.
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