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  1. Component a component for which the properties or events have changed
    其屬性( property )或事件已更改的組件。
  2. If you don ' t want to hack the components a bit , why bother to use it
  3. Allows you to specify which component a new form or user control will derive from
  4. Method should be called during loading to establish the full name of the component a designer is designing
  5. This wildcard tells the synth look and feel to give every component a default white aharoni font
    這個通配符告訴synth外觀為每個組件指定一個默認的white aharoni字體。
  6. It's difficult to find component a in a sentence. 用component a造句挺難的
  7. Which contains the implementation of the calculatorserviceejb components a dynamic web project called
  8. Describes a dialog box that allows you to specify which component a new form or user control will derive from
  9. Strong - name signing , or strong - naming , gives a software component a globally unique identity that cannot be spoofed by someone else
  10. On average , gm now ships about 20 million components a month from china to plants in other countries , he said
    安德森透露,目前通用平均每月從中國采購2 , 000萬只汽車零部件,運往設在其他國家的工廠用于裝配。
  11. The first value in the array specifies where the first component a line begins as a fraction of the distance across the width of the pen
  12. The second value in the array specifies the beginning of the next component a space as a fraction of the distance across the width of the pen
  13. Strong - naming gives an application or component a unique identity that other software can use to refer explicitly to it
  14. Interoperability issues have long made integration of microsoft component object model and java components a daunting task
    很長時間以來,互操作性問題使得微軟的組件對象模型( com )和java組件之間的集成成為一項令人畏懼的工作。
  15. The code in listing 9 gives every component a black background with a font size of 14 except labels , which have a red background
    清單9中的代碼使每個組件有一個黑色的背景,字體大小為14 ,但label組件除外, label組件擁有紅色的背景。
  16. Many disputes occur in its syntactic function in the gramatical field , especially what kind of sentence component a prepositional phrase may act as in one sentence
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