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  1. The title page has both English " " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " / By Yuen Ren Chao and Lien Sheng Yang " and the same Chinese.
  2. Trained in American structural linguistics, Yuen Ren Chao and Lien-sheng Yang wrote a " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " ( 1947 ), that emphasized the spoken rather than the written language.
  3. Chao and Yang finished compiling their " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " in 1945, the same year when the War Department published the anonymous " Dictionary of Spoken Chinese : Chinese-English, English-Chinese ".
  4. The " "'Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " "'( 1947 ), which was compiled by Yuen Ren Chao and " free " or " bound " morphemes according to whether or not they can stand alone as a complete and independent utterance.
  5. He was co-author of the " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese ", which was the first dictionary to mark Chinese characters for being " bound " ( only used in polysyllables ) or " free " ( permissible as a monosyllabic word ).
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  7. He then assisted Y . R . Chao in a wartime language program for the United States military, and collaborated with Chao on the " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " ( Harvard University Press, 1947 ), noted as one of the first dictionaries of whole Chinese words rather than Chinese characters.
  8. Yu-Ju Chih, a teacher and developer of Chinese language textbooks, says that unlike almost all the commonly used Chinese-English dictionaries that are geared primarily to reading Chinese texts, the " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " is the " only one of its kind available to the public " ( 1967 : 108 ).
  9. The influence of American structural linguistics, which shifted interest from the written to the spoken language, is evident in both the War Department's " Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " ( 1945 ) and Chao's and Yang's " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese " ( 1947 ) . " In both dictionaries we can observe the authors attempting not just to provide their Chinese entries with English equivalents but to demonstrate through grammatical categorization and examples how they are actually used " ( Norman 1988 : 175 ).


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