confessional literature造句

"confessional literature"是什麽意思   


  1. Augustine of Hippo and his " confessional literature which is now more popular than ever.
  2. The book announced Kraus'particular brand of " confessional literature " that she herself described as " lonely girl phenomenology ."
  3. Caio Fernando Abreu s style of confessional literature captures his personal fears, hopes, sentiments and desires but, at the same time, his voice is both individual and collective.
  4. This was a nod backward toward Rousseau's " Confessions, " which she admired, and forward, unknowingly, toward the genre of women's confessional literature that would flourish several generations later.
  5. Testimonies of the urbicide in Sarajevo, in the cultural production of confessional literature during the siege, clearly show the dramatic plunge in the standard of living, the overtaking and militarization of the public space, and the daily struggle of the citizens to get basic supplies such as food and water.
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