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  1. These patterns are found by checking particular page navigation sequences, IP ranges, email address patterns, graph connectivity structures, browser configurations, and various others.
  2. This kind of deterministic structure of brain activity should affect functional connectivity, so reported in some works random or barely distinguished from random connectivity structure may be considered as a surprising phenomenon.
  3. More recently a neurodynamical model of semantic networks has been developed to study how the connectivity structure of these networks relates to the richness of the semantic constructs, or ideas, they can generate.
  4. Examples are the alignment of the cortex based on fMRI signal correlation, the alignment based on the global functional connectivity structure both in task-, or resting state data, and the alignment based on stimulus specific activation profiles of individual voxels.
  5. It was demonstrated that semantic neural networks that have richer semantic dynamics than those with other connectivity structures may provide insight into the important issue of how the physical structure of the brain determines one of the most profound features of the human mind  its capacity for creative thought.
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  7. After each addition / deletion of an edge, the dynamic connectivity structure should adapt itself such that it can give quick answers to queries of the form " is there a path between " x " and " y " ? " ( equivalently : " do vertices " x " and " y " belong to the same connected component ? " ).


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