1. In the autumn of 1827, he was named conrector at the gymnasium in Gera.
  2. In 1862 he was appointed school conrector.
  3. In 1828 he was named an associate professor at the university and promoted to conrector at the Nikolaischule.
  4. In 1812 he received his PhD and during the following year was named conrector at the gymnasium in Zwickau.
  5. From 1637 until his death he was rector of the Latin School in Hoorn, where Pieter Anthoniszoon Overtwater was conrector.
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  7. In the Netherlands, the terms " rector " and " conrector " ( assistant head ) are used commonly for high school directors.
  8. Beginning in 1840, he worked as an instructor in Schleswig, later serving as a conrector in Oldenburg and Leer ( 1853 ).
  9. Ackermans became dean of the mathematics department in 1978; he remained as the dean until 1981, when he became conrector of the university.
  10. In 1819 he returned to Germany, where he was appointed conrector at the " Friedrich-August-Schule " in Dresden.
  11. In 1796 he returned to Leipzig as conrector at the " Thomasschule zu Leipzig ", where from 1800 to 1835, he held the post of rector.
  12. In 1835 he was named school conrector in rector of the provisional government school in Flensburg, In 1851 he relocated to Parchim as director of its high school ( gymnasium ).
  13. He is the leader of the board of directors of the Dockingacollege school in Dokkum, having been one of its economics teachers and then its " conrector " ( deputy head ).
  14. While there he published his work " De pasigraphia sive scriptura universali " ( 1799 ), which led to his appointment in 1803 as prorector of the gymnasium of Frankfurt, and shortly afterwards as conrector.
  15. But Stark could not have signed the documents Of 1762 and 1786, for he was from 1760 to 1765 well known in England and France, and in Paris was the expounder of the Oriental manuscripts of the library, Ill 1766, he returned to Germany, and became Conrector at Wismar.


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