1. Each episode also featured a celebrity guest whom Conried would interview.
  2. The character was voiced by Hans Conried in the original cartoon series.
  3. Conried appeared regularly on radio during the 1940s and 1950s.
  4. Guests on the variety program included Hans Conried and Jaye P . Morgan.
  5. When Heinrich Conried succeeded Grau, he reneged on the contract with Renaud.
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  7. Other cast members include Hans Conried, Stubby Kaye, and Rise Stevens.
  8. Wanderkin and as Conried's Schultz on " Life with Luigi ".
  9. Bressart died during production, forcing the producers to finish the film with Hans Conried.
  10. She remembers how she particularly enjoyed working with Hans Conried, the voice of Captain Hook.
  11. Other " guest voices " were provided by Paul Winchell, Agnes Moorehead and Hans Conried.
  12. Professor Kropotkin ( Hans Conried ), the Russian violinist at the Princess Burlesque theater, lived upstairs.
  13. In the final film, Conried speaks throughout, but Bressart is still seen in the long shots.
  14. Conried joined the cast of " The Tony Randall Show " during the 1977-78 season.
  15. Their principal opponent is Dr . Dred, a blue-skinned evil genius, voiced by Hans Conried.
  16. Felix Bressart was cast in the film, but died during filming, Hans Conried took over his role.
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