1. Conring and his family were no strangers to confessional altercations.
  2. Louise Conring died in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen on 1 April 1891.
  3. Conring was born in counts of Cirksena.
  4. Lindenfeld calls Conring a Neo-Aristotelian.
  5. While in Neustadt, Conring had assisted the philanthropist Amalie Sieveking in her work with Hamburg's poor.
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  7. Like many areas of what would later become Germany, Conring's homeland exhibited considerable religious variety and strife.
  8. Gottfried Leibniz, who criticized the Colloquium to Jacob Thomasius and Hermann Conring, some years later did editorial work on the manuscript.
  9. Descended from Lutheran clergy on both sides of his family, second-youngest of ten children, Conring showed early promise as a student.
  10. On the recommendation of Nicolai Gottlieb Bl鎑el, pastor of Garrison Church, Copenhagen, she chose Conring who accepted the appointment after visiting the Deaconess Institute in Stockholm.
  11. Lindenfeld says that in 1660 Conring was the first to lecture on " Statistik ", the forerunner of modern government statistics; but the topic was political science.
  12. He attempted to become Reichsf黵st ( Prince ) and with the help of the East Frisian scholar Hermann Conring and 15, 000 guiders he succeeded in this goal in 1654.
  13. By the age of 14, Conring had developed into a skilled Latinist, broadly familiar with ancient classical writings and with the leading Latin writers of his own day and region.
  14. The takeover by the National Socialists initially focused on the East Frisian cities, then to the district offices . [ 36 ] However, the Leer District Hermann Conring retained this function.
  15. During his life as a professor in North Germany, Conring addressed himself first to medicine, producing significant studies on blood circulation, and later in his career addressed himself to politics.
  16. Conring began his schooling early, as befit a descendant of literate clerical forebears, entering school in Norden at the age of six, and beginning his studies in Latin a year later.
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