1. Crankshaft, conrods and pistons all forged.
  2. Lotus also built the successful Lotus TwinCam engine for Lotus Elan on the Kent block, crank and conrods.
  3. The E III, in addition to benefitting from the FRM conrods, also had an electronically variable lean-burn engine.
  4. Although considered a performance engine, its proportionally weak valve springs, pistons and conrods cause the engine to redline at 6000 rpm.
  5. A custom crank, conrods, and pistons were used, but the cylinder head was left unmodified apart from the camshafts and valve springs.
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  7. The R7 was specified with 謍lins suspension components and with titanium valves, titanium conrods, a shortened Deltabox II frame and dry weight of just.
  8. Several Christian themed computer programming books, based on the original BibleBytes " Bible Computer Games " source code, were also written by the Conrods.
  9. Forged conrods used the Wedge's hardware, as opposed to the Hemi's, but would nonetheless have been considered high-performance parts.
  10. As of March 1985, the naturally aspirated ER engines gained composite conrods ( a world first in a production car ), lighter and stronger these helped further reduce fuel consumption.
  11. Other changes included a double row timing chain ( eliminating the car's inherent weakness of 1985, a single row chain ), as well as stronger conrods and suspension mountings.
  12. The crankshaft with balance weights bolted onto, the conrods, the in-line injection pump by Bosch and the aluminum valve pushrods have been taken from the Porsche Nr . 2066 engine.
  13. To achieve the power required, Chapman commissioned Harry Mundy ( of Consul Capri became available in time for production, and the design was converted on this 116E block, crankshaft and 125E Type C conrods.
  14. Usually, " V "-form engines have their transversely paired cylinders'conrods'" big ends " simply placed side by side on the crankpin, with their transverse pairs of cylinders offset to match.
  15. Two years later, Hatz began with contract-manufacturing of automotive components like conrods, crankshafts, rocker arms, etc . Today, several million parts are produced for the automotive, agricultural and motorcycle industry.
  16. Compared to 60?V6, the offset crank pins could have overlap in the diameter of the pin, and the V angle coincides with the angle of mean directions of conrods swinging left and right in each bank.
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