considered as a whole造句

"considered as a whole"是什麽意思   


  1. A sol considered as a whole cannot have a net charge .
  2. The moral construction of cadres must be considered as a whole
  3. Considered as a whole
  4. Because the machine level defines several restrictions , and all three levels are considered as a whole , the resulting permission grant is not unrestricted permission
  5. Based on the analysis of waveform distortion caused by bistable systems , a recovery formula is proposed , and some other post treatments are considered as a whole job
  6. It's difficult to find considered as a whole in a sentence. 用considered as a whole造句挺難的
  7. The expression " special technical features " means those technical features that define a contribution which each of those inventions , considered as a whole , makes over the technology currently available
  8. It was provided that supply distribution restoration and on - and - off of capacitor are treated as a special distribution reconfiguration in this paper . the optimal and economical operation of distribution network is considered as a whole
  9. Including house , apartments , office buildings , villas and commercial real estate projects consider as a whole professional planning and marketing as well as business planning and investment , operation and management , commercial brand positioning , image and marketing and so on
  10. From this starting point and with the help of fairness and efficiency - the logical intermediaries , deng was able to find the essential element of socialism . fairness and efficiency as logical intermediaries have the shortcoming of being one - sided and transitional . only when they are considered as a whole can they rise to the status of being the logical destination
  11. In the dissertation , the viewpoints of systematic theory are used to study the mutual relation and the mutual promotion between urban economy and rural economy , which are considered as a whole system . to analyze widely and thoroughly those relative theories of them , to unveil the mystery of them and to probe into the modes , the approaches , the structures , the mechanism , the effects and the laws of them are the major tasks of the research


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