considered dead造句


  1. Yet Catholicism considered dead for a long time experienced remarkable revival.
  2. I entered the telecommunications business when it was considered dead.
  3. A program is considered dead when it has no more processes left.
  4. He is officially considered dead on paper by Academy City.
  5. The whale then went missing and is now considered dead.
  6. It's difficult to find considered dead in a sentence. 用considered dead造句挺難的
  7. Milano said, " the baby must be considered dead ."
  8. These provisions, only a few weeks ago, had been considered dead.
  9. At that time in Pristina, it was better to be considered dead,
  10. After the scandal, the project was considered dead.
  11. Everyone on board of the plane is considered dead.
  12. He was considered dead after being shot on the battlefield in his hip.
  13. It wasn't long ago that this team was considered dead and buried.
  14. Any periwinkles left immobile at the bottom are considered dead, and is waste.
  15. Among them was Konstantinos Stamoulis, a survivor who was considered dead for decades.
  16. The western genre was considered dead by most people, as was the miniseries.
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