considered purchase造句


  1. Executives considered purchasing flagship New York City station in November 1961.
  2. My father and my uncle seriously considered purchasing the island.
  3. It is a much more measured and considered purchase.
  4. The University of California considered purchasing it for a campus site in 1856.
  5. Kjetilson considered purchasing the de Havilland Dove, but no deal was struck.
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  7. "Techint had considered purchasing all of the shares, " said Frank.
  8. Chile briefly considered purchasing the ship in 1920, however the sale did not materialise.
  9. In early 2003, Junior Johnson and a group of investors considered purchasing the speedway.
  10. In April 1885, the Cosmos Club considered purchasing the house from the Tayloe family.
  11. DB Class 120 was the first locomotive class of Deutsche Reichsbahn also considered purchasing 200 units.
  12. Considered purchase decisions exist in both the consumer and commercial realms involving both products and services.
  13. Where there is a separate charge for such goods, they may be considered purchased for resale.
  14. They considered purchasing the subscription list of the " Southern Literary Messenger " around February.
  15. Unlike an impulse purchase, a considered purchase typically has a long purchase cycle and significant consequences.
  16. President Havel and his first wife, Olga, briefly considered purchasing the house as their private residence.
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