considered site造句

"considered site"是什麽意思   


  1. Toyota had also considered sites in Poland and the U . K.
  2. The airline had also considered sites in Boston and in Westchester, New York.
  3. Disney management had considered sites in Spain for their park, formerly called Euro Disney.
  4. Myers said the group has considered sites in Austin, Boston and especially Las Vegas.
  5. Northrop Grumman considered sites in Washington, DC and in suburbs in Maryland and Virginia.
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  7. Mike Ascolese, a company spokesman, said it had considered sites in Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  8. Minich said his company had considered sites in Texas, Louisiana, Nevada and California, where his company may build a second speedway.
  9. Panasonic, part of the Japanese conglomerate Matsushita Electric Industrial Co ., had considered sites in Mexico and Tennessee prior to selecting Torrance.
  10. Doing their best Elvis imitations, Western Athletic Conference schools'presidents considered sites for a football championship game and said, " Viva, Las Vegas ."
  11. The farmer-owned cooperative considered sites on the Kansas side of the state line before accepting a package of tax breaks worth about $ 10 million from Kansas City.
  12. De Niro and Weinstein had briefly considered sites in New York City, but they have zeroed in on those two tracts, according to someone who went on some of the tours.
  13. Now on its own 60-acre corporate campus near Ardsley, N . Y ., the company considered sites in Connecticut and in New York's Putnam County before deciding on the Tarrytown park.
  14. Richard Pratt, the company's owner and chairman, said the company had considered sites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania but ultimately decided on New York because of the ready supply of waste paper, and because of relatively low energy costs.


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