1. At least it s wonderful what you ve done at your time of life , said clifford contemplatively
    “總之,在你這樣年紀已有這種成就。是可驚的。 ”
  2. " it was a long time ago , " she murmured contemplatively . " it seems like a thousand years .
    “那已是很久很久以前了, ”她沉思著說, “好像有一千年了呢。 ”
  3. Connie gazed at clifford contemplatively . she saw in him the peculiar tight rebuff against anyone of the lower classes who might be really climbing up , which she knew was characteristic of his breed
  4. From the inception of the coffeehouse in mecca to the present , customers in caf s tend to talk and read rather than dance , play chess rather than gamble , and listen contemplatively to music rather than sing
  5. It's difficult to find contemplatively in a sentence. 用contemplatively造句挺難的


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