1. in both definitions the lithologic-time marker is critical because it represents contemporaneity of deposition .
  2. on the contemporaneity of confucianism
  3. chapter 2 elaborates the origin of neoteric arcade, its development, its characteristic and the applications conditions of arcade form in the contemporaneity conditions
  4. using “ reboot ” as its theme, the third chengdu biennale attempts to redefine guohua ( chinese painting ) or shuimohua ( ink painting ), and to present more objectively the multifaceted process of the development of chinese contemporary art, and to redefine the contemporaneity of this segment of the arts
  5. at present, the remote education is developed vigorously in overseas especially in the usa, demonstrated by the new report of idc, it's accepted by the american colleges rapidly, the american institution nearly 90 percent will provide " on _ line learning " chances, the contemporaneity distance education network platform is formed roughly, which based on the cernet and satellite video system builded in 1994
  6. It's difficult to find contemporaneities in a sentence. 用contemporaneities造句挺難的
  7. by avoiding the conventional exhibition structure, which usually categorizes the exhibits by medium or format, the third chengdu biennale is organized into three thematic sections, “ humanity and spirit, ” “ society, ” and “ nature, ” in order to express the contemporaneity of chinese art
  8. he has published many dissertations on chinese ethnic vocal music, among which are studying and training in ethnic vocal music, introduction to my vocal music training methods, scientificity nationality artistry and contemporaneity, and inheriting traditions of ethnic vocal music and enhancing the undertaking of ethnic vocal music
  9. chapter 3 bases on theory elaboration and noumenal analysis . basing on an urban viewpoint, from the dual attributes, urban attribute and the architecture individual attribute, combining the factors that affects arcade form, it analyses the characteristic of arcade form in contemporaneity conditions and the function of each essential factors . there are many factors that have an important influence on arcade form


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