1. Effect of contralateral hearing aid for on performance of cochlear implant user
  2. There is controversy concerning its use with a normal contralateral kidney
  3. Clinical observation on treating trigeminal neuralgic with the method of contralateral insertion on the face
  4. The improvements even reached normal levels as compared with the contralateral knee
    此外,依據膝關節組織的功能評比,比術前也有顯著改進( 86分對52分) 。
  5. The haematoma on one side was treated with hirudoid cream and that of the contralateral side with placebo
  6. It's difficult to find contralateral in a sentence. 用contralateral造句挺難的
  7. Enhancing chinese speech recognition for cochlear implant users by using hearing aid in the contralateral ear
  8. Results visceral nociceptive evoked responses of 148 neurons in acg to stimulating contralateral gsn were recorded
  9. We present the clinical and fluorescein angiographic features of a case of unilateral coats ' disease with contralateral congenital retinal macrovessel
  10. Conclusion : the cortical branches occlusion of the anterior cerebral artery may cause the symptoms of contralateral hemiplegia , murism or apathy
  11. Spinal angiograph showed that most of the intercostal arteries in thorax region were connected transversely with the contralateral isonym arteries
  12. Effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on learning and memory , morphology and ultrastructure of contralateral hippocampal ca3 pyramidal neurons in rats with cerebral infarction
  13. Study on the limb functional rehabilitation and the activating region of cevebral cortex after contralateral c7 nerve root transfer for brachial plexus injury with functional magnetic resonance imaging
  14. Materials and methods : from september 1992 to march 2002 at our institution , 69 patients underwent surgical treatment for a unilateral solitary renal tumor with a normal contralateral kidney
  15. Conclusions : schizophrenia is associated with altered white matter integrity in the tracts connecting the frontal cortex with the temporal and parietal cortices and with the contralateral frontal and temporal lobes
  16. Surgery is from the contralateral thick eyebrows free to the affected half of cultivation , this approach can maintain the good eyebrow radians , and often do not have long - term xiumei , but lower survival
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