1. It's a bruising world Vvedensky and Ms . Coonrod conjure.
  2. Coonrod acknowledges that the system faces a formidable challenge.
  3. Coonrod played college baseball at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
  4. Coonrod eventually became a member of the 5th U . S . Infantry.
  5. Coonrod played for the Augusta GreenJackets in 2015.
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  7. Coonrod said there was no connection between the IG's report and the resignation.
  8. In tight budget times, Coonrod has had to fight hard to fund the project.
  9. Coonrod said in his prepared testimony.
  10. Robert T . Coonrod, the corporation's president, said in a telephone interview.
  11. Ms . Coonrod's inventions honor a voice muffled by both that society and by time.
  12. "It's an awesome challenge, " said the CPB's Coonrod.
  13. *"'Jcoonrod, identifies himself as John Coonrod, an executive with that organization.
  14. Coonrod expects stations in seven or eight cities to begin supplementing their regular broadcasts with digital offerings next fall.
  15. Coonrod later served with the 5th U . S . Infantry at Fort Buford in Williams County, North Dakota.
  16. She and Ms . Coonrod chillingly remind us that civil war is, after all, an equal-opportunity employer.
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