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  1. As a part of the civil 863 plans , two multiple - contact models for two kinds of braking system are built in the paper , in which contact fields are described as coons surfaces , initial velocity is programmed in fortran . the thermal - mechanical coupling braking processes are simulated for the first time by msc . marc , the general - used nonlinear fem software . time distributions of the velocity , the stress and the temperature of the components under various initial velocity and brake force are obtained , which offer theoretic gist to study the life of the wheel , the disc and so on
    作為國家行業863重大課題《鐵路機車車輛虛擬樣機系統》的一部分,本文在研究接觸問題和熱?機耦合問題數值方法的基礎上,采用國際上通用的非線性有限元分析軟件msc . marc建立了踏面制動和盤形制動主要部件的多體接觸計算模型,其中用解析方法描述,即用nurb曲線、高斯曲面來描述接觸區域,用fortran語言編寫定義初速度的用戶子程序,首次對兩種制動過程熱?機耦合進行了數值仿真,定量給出了主要制動部件在不同初速度、不同制動力下各個時刻的速度、應力和溫度的變化規律,為研究車輪、閘瓦以及制動盤壽命提供了理論依據。
  2. The significance established the system is to generalize the theories and methods of bi - cubic coons surfaces and to simplify the boundary conditions greatly which can are directly derived from the given interpolating data . hence the difficulty of determining boundary conditions of multivariate spline is overcome , which makes it use in many applications . 2
  3. On the basis of analyzing and summarizing intersection ' s character , the author has studied the horizontal design method and the new vertical design method based on coons surface model . further more , combining the design custom of intersection , the author has developed " highway intersection cad system " based on windows operating system
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