coordinating point造句

"coordinating point"是什麽意思   


  1. the polygon shape supports an arbitrary list of coordinate points that allow you to define irregular shapes
  2. many measurements show that the methods of calculating coordinates points and counting pixels achieve the accuracy and trustworthy result, also have highly applications
  3. computer-aided part programming involves special symbolic programming languages that determine the coordinate point of corners, edges, and surfaces of the part
  4. the paper gave some methods for calculating the area of anomalistic area on plane, and then deduced the methods for calculating coordinates points and counting grids, and finally the paper gave another method of counting pixels
  5. given that the drawing of plane arrangement maps of electrified railway contact net is one of the important junctures of the whole contact net design, starting from the perspective of system, the paper firstly analyzes the drawing task of the plane arrangement maps of railway contact net in details and presents the structure and function of the system, secondly discusses the formulation of consumer menu and dialogue frame and lists the main controlling program of dialogue frame, then by analyzing the involved data of originally drawing course gives and realizes the management of the original drawing data, which achieves the drawing of choosing inter-station and station, the establishment of drawing papers and drawing form, the setting-up of character height and the drawing form coordinate points and drawing starting points and the preserving routes of data documents of drawing form and the note-marking column and the size of subsidiary table
  6. It's difficult to find coordinating point in a sentence. 用coordinating point造句挺難的


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