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  1. Providing enterprise with ecdemic human resource meeting the demand of enterprise as well as coordinated process service
  2. Our company makes professional designing , producing , marketing , repairing and maintaining a coordinated process
  3. The zone focuses on developing the lamp industry , turning thc processing , production and fitting into a coordinate process
  4. The company owns the well experienced engineers and technicians and production worker , the product makes , sells a coordinated process from developing , designing that
  5. Firstly the characteristics of production process and management process were expatiated . secondly a formal difinition of coordinated process model ( cpm ) was proposed . thirdly an example was given to show the distinctions between cpm and existing methodlogies
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  7. Shipping agency is a supporting service of the group . it facilitates both the development of fined oil product trading and shipping . a pattern of coordinated process involving trading , shipping and agency has also been formed , which creates for the customers great convenience and gains market
  8. This company under airport management company ' s adequate and systematic service , undertaking domestic , international , aerial transport / marine transportation import and export declaration , transportation as well as throughout the land door to door service ; meanwhile provides land , sea and air in the global base port three - dimensional transports the entire journey coordinated process service
  9. Taile products have practised the coordinated process of customers consulting , ordering goods and finishing using by the customers . this factory practises " three guarantees " to the customers , those who purchase ceramic grinding apparatuses within 12 months or resin products within 6 months must be guaranteed to repair , returned or change the goods , if the quality problems are arisen from the goods the customers have bought . my factory has set up sales departments in ourthe country s key cities , once you dial the telephone number , you can enjoy and make your requirements meet
    太樂產品實行自用戶咨詢訂貨到用戶使用完畢一條龍服務,本廠產品對用戶實行”三包” ,凡購陶瓷磨具產品在12個月內或樹脂產品6個月以內出現質量問題,包修、包退、包換,在全國重點城市設有銷售部,只要您輕輕撥通電話,便可享受到高效、快捷、周到的優質服務,使您的需求得到滿足。
  10. The delighted international plans for the customer provides the secondary company logon , trade mark registration , package design that , package orders , the treating product , sells well , supporting a coordinated process such as propagating articles for use and providing three certificates and peculiar certificates of all kinds serves a stage makeup and costume


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