coordinating secretary造句


  1. Coordinating Secretaries are the principal link between a government Minister and officials in the Ministry.
  2. Kumarasinghe was also Sirisena's coordinating secretary in 2005, when Sirisena served as Leader of the House in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.
  3. He was the Sri Lanka Freedom Party's chief organizer for the southern city Matara beginning in 1983 and Assistant Secretary of the SLFP Coordinating Secretary of the Mother s Front.
  4. He was unanimously elected as the first Coordinating Secretary of PAN, the Congress of PEN African Centres, at a special meeting of the group on 22 November 2003 in Mexico City.
  5. "The international community has to recognize that the genocide is going on and has to be stopped, " said Ponrajah Anton, coordinating secretary for the International Federation of Tamils.
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  7. She worked as a researcher in the Minority Rights Group and the Overseas Development Institute and held the post of Coordinating secretary to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka during her mother's tenure.
  8. Lamek Hulth閚, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, was nominated chairman of this group; Reimar L黶t from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Garching, Germany was appointed its coordinating secretary.
  9. Despite his popularity and success, Oldham's term as Bishop in Asia came to an abrupt in 1912 when he was appointed a Coordinate Secretary to the Methodist Board of Foreign Missions in New York.
  10. Since he was the most trusted person to the PM ( also known as the PM's right hand ), he was appointed as the coordinating secretary to the Prime Minister on 27 January 2015.
  11. After this training, he became leader of the provincial office of AFDL, in charge of ideology, and at the same time the coordinating secretary of the political and military managerial staff of the same organization.
  12. A Coordinating Secretary is normally of middle management level however, as the key official responsible for disseminating the decision of Ministers and indeed as their gatekeeper, their role is of considerably greater significance than the grade or level they hold suggests.
  13. Among the armaments found Wednesday and then handed over to police were 110 hand grenades, nine rocket propelled grenades, 3, 850 rounds of assault rifle ammunition and one rocket booster, said P . Yohan, the coordinating secretary of the Humanitarian De-mining Unit.


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