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  1. The united nations mine action coordination center
  2. Supporting arms coordination center sacc
  3. Support fire coordination center
  4. Rescue coordination center rcc
  5. The cert coordination center
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  7. The cert coordination center is part of the software engineering institute in pittsburgh ; see
  8. National computer network emergency response technical team coordination center of china , beijing 100029 , china
  9. In july , 2003 , the cert coordination center reported a dangerous set of vulnerabilities in microsoft windows directx midi library
    2003年7月,計算機應急反應小組協調中心報告了microsoft windows的directx midi庫中一組危險的漏洞。
  10. This paper establishes " distributed knowledge coordination center " by meta - system theory in intelligent engineering and explains its realization process for the first time
  11. This alert is disseminated by hong kong computer emergency response team coordination center hkcert cc . ssl certificate of arbitrary website can be spoofed by malicious intermediate ca , undetected by the above browsers
  12. The heart of the issue is that if untrusted content can be introduced into a dynamic page , neither the web sites nor the client has enough information to recognize that this has happened and take protective actions , " according to cert coordination center , a federally funded research and development center to study internet security vulnerabilities and provide incident response
    問題的核心是,如果不可信的內容被引入到動態頁面中,則無論是網站還是客戶機都沒有足夠的信息識別這種情況的發生并采取保護措施, ” cert協調中心( cert coordination center )如是說。該中心是由聯邦政府資助的研究開發中心,研究因特網安全性弱點并提供事件響應。
  13. ( 2 ) on the basis of detailed analysis of the characteristics , structure model , basic theory and technology of scm , the theoretic model and implementing method based on integrated scm are proposed to meet the needs of new ave - oriented erp system . in addition , the improved process of production plan , the new strategy of alliance inventory based on coordination center , the new purchase business principle driven by order and the total program of enterprise business activities based on internet in scm are also presented in order to solve key problems from the integration inside an enterprise to the integration among enterprises , which are how to use mrpii system to realize scm among enterprises
    ( 2 )在詳細剖析供應鏈及其管理的特點、結構模型和基本理論及其技術的基礎上,提出了集成化供應鏈管理的理論模型和實施方法,較好地滿足了面向動態聯盟企業的新一代erp系統的要求,同時還提出了供應鏈管理scm環摘要境下的生產計劃與控制的改進流程、基于協調中心的聯合庫存控制新策略、訂單驅動的采購業務原理和基于internet的企業業務總流程,以便解決企業內集成向企業問集成發展過程中的核心問題? ?如何通過應用mrpll系統來實現企業問的供應鏈管理。
  14. Communication protocols / agreements between uscg / vessel owners / operators requiring all vessel masters to immediately radio the uscg tracking center ( rescue coordination center - juneau ) when / if any situation arises that could lead to a casualty - including any engine problem , steerage problem , hull integrity issue , any other mechanical problem of potential consequence , etc


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