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  1. Professor bailar is in large part responsible for the development of coordination chemistry in america .
  2. Since coordination chemistry towards the 21
  3. Coordination chemistry for 99mtc radiopharmaceuticals
  4. The coordination chemistry and applied research of bilirubin
  5. Synthesis of bismuth complexes and coordination chemistry of bismuth
  6. It's difficult to find coordination chemistry in a sentence. 用coordination chemistry造句挺難的
  7. The past and the present of coordination chemistry
  8. The coordination chemistry of gallium is a rapidly developing area of research in recent years
  9. Progress in studies on coordination chemistry and applications of natural polymer chitosan chitin
  10. Coordination chemistry towards the 21st century is located at the central part of modern chemistry coordination chemistry towards the 21
  11. The research of the rare earth has been concerned more and more intensively , particularly in the rare earth coordination chemistry field
  12. Coordination chemistry : characterization of the electronic structure and the bonding characteristic of nonplanar metalloporphyrins in different oxidation and spin states
  13. The paper studied the process of adsorptive foam separation for the recovery of zn ( ii ) , cu ( ii ) in the solution by the guide of surface chemistry , coordination chemistry and chemical transfer theory
  14. Supramolecular chemistry is interdisciplinary - cross subject , which has been of great importance for developments within coordination chemistry , organic synthesis , analytical chemistry , and bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry
  15. It has draw more and more attention of scientists with the prospection use in matieral chemistry , coordination chemistry and biochemistry . by using resorcinarene as framework of supramolecular construction , we studied the single crystal structure by evaporation of acetone with the exist of a little water molecular and found that under several weak interactions , a novel nano - one - dimention supramolecular tube was abtained
  16. Or exploration and application of rare earth resources in china , the lab devotes to the development of rare earth separation chemistry , solid state chemistry , coordination chemistry and physical chemistry in order to solve scientific and technical problems of rare earth separation industry in china , and to explore new rare earth functional materials


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