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  1. Historically it has been customary to treat coordination compounds as a special class separate from molecular compounds .
  2. Synthesis and electrical properties of ni 2 coordination compounds
  3. Syntheses and properties of coordination compounds of daphnetin with rare earths
  4. Any of a class of inorganic coordination compounds of ammonia and a metallic salt
  5. Synthesis and separation research on two coordination compounds with substituted diazacyclooctane
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  7. Assembly and nonlinear optical property of coordination compounds containing thiosemicarbazide
  8. Synthesis and characterization of benzoylthiourea derivatives and their coordination compounds
  9. Influence of er3 to luminescence of samarium perchlorate with diphenyl sulfoxide coordination compounds
  10. A study of colored coordination compound films of molybdate - inorganic phosphates on nickel plate surface
  11. Abstract : this paper studies the synthetic and coordination str ucture of ni ( n2h4 ) 2 ( n3 ) 2 , analyses the influence factors of the s ynthesis of coordination compound ni ( n2h4 ) 2 ( n3 ) 2
    文摘:研究了疊氮肼鎳( )的化合條件和配位結構;分析了合成配位化合物的影響因素。
  12. Transition metal coordination compounds easily cause d - d transition or change transfer transition . so they show dramatic colors . in this paper , two organic hydrate thermochromic material and a series of thermochromic transition metal complexes are synthesized , and a schiff was synthesized too


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