1. It contributes to the deeper comprehesion of these probability distributions , affords more detailed theoretical basis for further studying and simulating satellite mobile channels , ? theoretical analyses and discussions of the models which are often used in the study of the propagating characteristics of satallite mobile channels are given ; meantime , some discussions on the work of model simulations are also given , ? incorrect derivation of the equality between c . loo model and corazza model in some other papers is pointed out . via the conception of received power , we derivate that in the rural environments these two models really have the equal relationship by the way of theoretical derivation and simulatant fittings . therefore , it is able to use corazza model in studying the characteristics of satellite mobile channels in the rural environments and able to avoid the iterant work of modeling , in order to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of research work , ? detailed processes of simulating lutz model by using matlab6 . 0 _ simulink4 . 0 and the results of comparisions are given
    本文包含有以下的主要內容: ?對衛星移動通信信道傳播特性研究中常用的三個概率分布給出了詳細的推導過程;以便對這幾個在衛星移動通信信道傳播特性的研究中常用的概率分布函數有更深的理解,對進一步研究衛星移動通信信道傳播特性和對信道的建模提供了更為詳盡的理論基礎; ?對衛星移動通信信道傳播特性的研究中常用的信道模型進行了理論上的分析和討論,并對衛星移動通信信道建模的研究工作提出了一定的看法; ?指出了以前的文獻中關于c . loo模型和corazza模型的等同性的證明錯誤;并從接收信號功率的角度出發,通過理論推導及仿真曲線擬合重新證明了在鄉村環境下,這兩個模型的確是具有等同性的;從而在對鄉村環境下的衛星移動通信信道傳播特性進行研究時,可以只采用corazza模型來對實際的信道進行建模,這樣可以避免重復的建模工作并提高研究工作的效率和準確性; ?給出了lutz模型在matlab6 . 0 _ simulink4 . 0環境下的軟件仿真實現的詳細過程和整體仿真測試的對比結果,保證了該模型在硬件實現時的可靠性和可行性,從而可以將它們應用于指導模型的硬件仿真實現并可以降低硬件實現時的風險。
  2. It's difficult to find corazza in a sentence. 用corazza造句挺難的


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