1. To his dismay, the monks of Corazzo proclaimed him their abbot ( c . 1177 ).
  2. And a Nambla member, Renato Corazzo, is shown monitoring obscene hate messages on the organization's hot line.
  3. He then advanced into the NASCAR Modified ranks for Sherwood Racing, owned by Bill Corazzo and run by Clyde McLeod.
  4. Corazzo held the record for most games without loss for the Uruguayan national football team from 1967 to 1968 ( 14 games ), until 觭car Tab醨ez surpassed it with 18 games between 2011 and 2012.
  5. On account of his success with Pe馻rol he was made a member of the Uruguay national football team coaching staff in the 1962 FIFA World Cup, along with Juan Carlos Corazzo, Juan L髉ez Fontana and Hugo Bagnulo.
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  7. His crew included Corazzo's nephew, Greg Zipadelli, who would later win Sprint Cup titles as crew chief, and Greg's younger brother Scott Zipadelli, who is also now a top level NASCAR crew chief.
  8. At the same time, changes were seen in the components of the " lanze ", with the introduction of the " corazzo ", a larger unit but still containing just one man-at-arms, and the recognition of two types of men-at-arms in " condotte "; true men-at-arms known as " armigeri veri " and lighter-equipped " elmetti ".


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