1. On the basis of the research for this paper and the system the author developed before , he achieves a model of financial self - service system base on corb a / web , and gives out the system structure design
    在基于前面文章內容的基礎上提出了使用corba web改進已開發的基于web的自助服務系統,給出了系統設計框架。
  2. In this paper , the technologies of corba and traditional web database and weh database based on corba are analyzed . the application model of corba in web database is discussed in theorx . at the same time a corb . a - based browsing interface of the web database is designed
  3. With the higher hardware performance and the lower hardware costs , people bring forward more desire for the mobile communication system . this paper discusses how to design and implement such a system between the palmtop device and the desktop platform with corb a component technology
  4. It's difficult to find corb in a sentence. 用corb造句挺難的


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