1. Corbally said he was never on Frankel's payroll.
  2. Corbally and his lawyer declined to return phone calls in recent weeks.
  3. Corbally had long been associated with Kroll Associates, a security consulting firm.
  4. Corbally maintained Frankel had duped him into thinking he was an investment tycoon.
  5. The Big House ( Rowlestown House ) originally belonged to the Corbally family.
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  7. Board Chairman John Corbally arrived in 1979, with the foundation in its infancy.
  8. According to Kroll, Corbally denied any involvement.
  9. Kroll said he had no reason to question Corbally's denial at the time.
  10. How did Corbally know about the affairs?
  11. Thomas Corbally was one of her first patients as he was cut entering the GPO.
  12. There is a wood called Corbally Wood.
  13. Corbally said Monday that he was " in free fall " after helping Frankel.
  14. Upon his retirement in 1972, he was replaced by John E . Corbally, Jr.
  15. Corbally died April 15 in Manhattan of complications from heart disease, said his wife, Renee.
  16. In an interview in June, Corbally acknowledged providing help to Frankel but said he had been duped.
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