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  1. Joseph Mazzello, Richard Gilliland, Joey Simmrin, Corinne Bohrer, Ashlee Levitch
  2. Featuring : Joseph Mazzello, Richard Gilliland, Corinne Bohrer, Joey Simmrin, Ashlee Levitch
  3. The biggest surprise is ex-Texan Corinne Bohrer ( " Free Spirit,"
  4. The season revolves around Lianne ( Corinne Bohrer ), develops a drinking problem and leaves town.
  5. He, and his girlfriend Sam ( Corinne Bohrer ) are on a trip to Thailand to purchase exotic merchandise.
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  7. The series stars Corinne Bohrer as a witch who moves in with a recently divorced father to help care for his three children.
  8. Since the show was originally conceived as a vehicle for Edan Gross and Corinne Bohrer, producers felt that Rich and Whipple were replaceable.
  9. Veronica receives several calls from an unknown number, which is actually a pay phone that her mom, Lianne ( Corinne Bohrer ), likely used.
  10. "' Nurse Cory Smith "'( Corinne Bohrer ) A pediatric nurse who comes to help in the ER when it gets too busy.
  11. The lone woman is Zoe ( Corinne Bohrer ), a flighty neurotic and Harvard Business School grad who stumbled into a messenger gig while interviewing for real work.
  12. Veronica notices an add in the newspaper, which says that they are seeking Lianne Mars ( Corinne Bohrer ), who has just been put under a notice of legal proceedings in the classified section.
  13. Through his loss Zed gains a love interest, Laura ( Corinne Bohrer ), a reporter / photographer who has come to the academy to view Lassard's COP program and takes a fancy to Zed.
  14. The self-consciously wacky characters also include a lesbian recovering heroin addict and alcoholic ( Rain Pryor, daughter of Richard ) and a born-again-Christian sister-in-law ( Corinne Bohrer ).
  15. In June of that year, their summer pilot " We'll Take Manhattan " aired, in which Jack閑 and Corinne Bohrer starred as polar opposites a sassy city girl and a naive Southern belle, respectively who both attempt to make it in New York City together.
  16. WITH : Robert Pastorelli ( Johnny Verona ), David Arquette ( Hunter ), Corinne Bohrer ( Zoe ), Adam Goldberg ( Leo ), D . L . Hughley ( Marlon ), Phil Leeds ( the Kid ), Sam Lloyd ( Barkley ) and Richard Portnow ( Ed Foley ).
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