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  1. U . S . Reps . Alcee Hastings of Miami and Corinne Brown of Jacksonville already were on board with McBride.
  2. Republicans also have hopes of defeating incumbent Rep . Corinne Brown, but her district boundaries were drawn to favor Democrats.
  3. Another American, Sandra Chase, recently won her release from an Ecuadoran jail with the help of Rep . Corinne Brown, D-Fla.
  4. Rep . Corinne Brown, D-Fla ., who has visited Williams in Ecuador, said Struble has already made his mind up about Williams.
  5. In Florida, Bill Randall, the former Jacksonville-area NAACP president, is running as a Republican against Rep . Corinne Brown, a Democrat.
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  7. And in that one race, where Democratic Representative Corinne Brown is being challenged by onetime local NAACP president Bill Randall, a cloud of scandal hangs over the battle.
  8. At the point of building the center out and all the area homes, Corinne Brown Walton, Carl's only daughter was called in to run the family office.
  9. A new $ 86 million federal courthouse for Jacksonville, Fla ., secured by Rep . Tillie Fowler, R-Fla ., and Rep . Corinne Brown, D-Fla.
  10. "God is good, " said Representative Corinne Brown from the pulpit on Sunday, and no one should deny it, but someone should talk to Him about the stupid Electoral College.
  11. And the state will also give a quick clue on GOP efforts to win Democratic seats in the East, via the results in their attempt to unseat Black Caucus stalwart Corinne Brown up in Jacksonville.
  12. U . S . Rep . Corinne Brown, a Jacksonville Democrat, said she was encouraging all her constituents to vote early because Election Day was too chaotic and she did not trust absentee balloting.
  13. That rally was billed as an event for Rep . Corinne Brown, D-Fla ., even though most of those in the heavily black, pro-union crowd waved Gore-Lieberman posters.
  14. Other House members who have endorsed the challenge include : Reps . Corinne Brown, D-Fla .; Carrie Meek, D-Fla .; Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas; Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas; Mel Watt, D-N . C .; and Maxine Waters, D-Calif . _ all members of the Congressional Black Caucus _ and Reps . Robert Wexler and Peter Deutsch, both Florida Democrats.


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