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  1. Both Ronda and French-Canadian gamine Renee Vallon ( Corinne Calvet ) are strongly attracted to Jeff.
  2. He is captured immediately by the local French Resistance unit, led by the beautiful Yvonne ( Corinne Calvet ).
  3. Another passenger is nightclub singer and former lover, Danielle Grenier ( Corinne Calvet ) who Michael met earlier in Paris.
  4. Actress Corinne Calvet, who appeared in numerous comedies and dramas during the 1950s with James Cagney and Tony Curtis, has died.
  5. Willson maintained careful control over his rising star, arranging his social life and ending his engagement to French actress Corinne Calvet.
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  7. Paramount ended up borrowing Deborah Kerr from MGM to play the female lead and borrowing Corinne Calvet from Hal Wallis to support.
  8. ""'Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons " "'is a 1960 thriller directed by W . Lee Wilder and starring George Sanders, Corinne Calvet and Jean Kent.
  9. Stone was then married to his second wife, Corinne Calvet, a French actress, from 1955 to 1960, with whom he had one child.
  10. Actress Corinne Calvet, who appeared in numerous comedies and dramas during the 1950s, including films with James Cagney and Tony Curtis, has died.
  11. Foster Hewitt served as the master of ceremonies as 12, 000 spectators watched an array of Shriners, athletes, politicians, and Hollywood actress Corinne Calvet inaugurate the stadium.
  12. He worked with such stars of French cinema as Jean Marias, Louis Jouvet, Juliette Gr閏o, Lino Ventura, Corinne Calvet, Anouk Aim閑, and Jean Gabin; to name a few.
  13. In 1958, referring to being cast as a French temptress, she told an interviewer, " If I had come to Hollywood as a dramatic actress, I never would have been Corinne Calvet, and you never would have been sitting here talking to me ."
  14. When Davis returns to find the diamonds he's hidden away, the company's owner, Martingale ( Claude Rains ), tries a different tactic by hiring a beautiful woman, Suzanne Renaud ( Corinne Calvet ), to seduce Davis and find out where the diamonds can be found.


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