corinne cantrill造句


  1. Corinne Cantrill's 1984 autobiographical film " In this life's body " was named by Greek-Australian film-maker Bill Mousoulis as one of the fifty greatest independent films in Australian history.
  2. An 83-minute experimental film, " Harry Hooton  Outsider Poet " was made by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill in 1969 . In the soundtrack, Hooton outlines his social philosophy in a series of recordings made shortly before his death in 1961.
  3. These included a range of classic, avant garde and modern works such Luis Bunuel and Peter Weir's " Count Vim's Last Exercise ", as well as works by Albie Thoms, Bruce Petty, Mick Glasheen and Arthur and Corinne Cantrill.
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