correct direction造句

"correct direction"是什麽意思   


  1. after the storm, he couldn't recognize the correct direction
  2. why did the result far from each other appear in equally correct direction
  3. added two flat sides at one end . make sure to this points in the correct direction
  4. if we had used our right hand we would not have been able to point the middle finger in the correct direction
  5. you should check for orientation changes and ensure that the controls on the actions pane are stacked in the correct direction
  6. It's difficult to find correct direction in a sentence. 用correct direction造句挺難的
  7. within vds the employees seem to be heading in the right direction, but they may be misguided in the correct direction
  8. peng zhen reset foundational principles for judicature of the new age and showed correct direction for its healthy development
  9. in the end they found the correct direction and our eyes followed them until they turned a corner and disappeared from our sight
  10. when pulse width is long enough to above 2.5ms, the corrected direction of laser hammering is away from the laser head, which may be the reason for weld bath being fatal destroyed
  11. it is possible for a commander to reduce errors and give generally correct direction, first through all kinds of reconnaissance and then through intelligent inference and judgement
  12. when unstable thermal conditions are satisfied with the constituent fluctuations of " correct direction " and " degree ", phase transformation driving force is raised and nucleation is promoted
  13. this mechanism leads the cooperative coevolution to the correct direction by combining global elicitation information with local elicitation information detected by local interaction
  14. dandong city in liaoning reform deepening the understanding, the correct direction and standardizing operations, and strengthen the main reforms, and actively coordinated reforms, has achieved good results
  15. the globalization has pushed a government to effectively organize and guide their socio-economic development in the correct direction, and we must greatly enhance the administrative capacity to implement
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