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  1. He was the counselor of state from 1840 to 1843.
  2. Napoleon made Henrion a Counselor of State and gave him the title of Baron.
  3. A pivotal role in building consensus for this bill was played by Counselor of State Giuseppe Buffi.
  4. He returned to Spain the following year, and served as counselor of state and of war.
  5. Appointed State supernumerary on 5 October 1766, he became Counselor of State on 7 November 1767.
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  7. On a more serious note, William's birthday brings the responsible position of Counselor of State.
  8. Tired of waiting, Gaston requested the presence of all Counselors of State to discuss the present and serious situation.
  9. Lipponen commented that no one outside Finland knows what Counselor of State is, and that he is satisfied with " former Prime Minister ".
  10. He was a Counselor of State, he served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies for seventeen years and as a Senator for twenty-four years.
  11. Okitomo was killed in front of his father as both were returning to their " norimono " after a meeting of the Counselors of State had broken up.
  12. This included, Nathan Bryan Whitfield, William III's nephew, who became the Counselor of State for the State of North Carolina and was a State Senator.
  13. Defermon supported the Coup of 18 Brumaire ( 10 November 1799 ) of Napoleon Bonaparte and was appointed a member of the Tribunat ( 25 December 1799 ) and counselor of state.
  14. But the royal birthday comes with more than a big party and William has a few new official duties, the most important of which is his appointment as a Counselor of State.
  15. Withdrawn in 1823 from the public businesses, after the Vilafrancada he returned to the political activity when, in 1826, the Constitutional Letter was sworn, under the Minister and Counselor of State and Commander of the Order of Christ.
  16. "' Riitta Maria Uosukainen "'( n閑 Vainikka; 18 June 1942, J潷ski, Viipuri Province, Finland ( now Svetogorsk, Leningrad Oblast, Russia ) ) is a Counselor of State ", given by the President.
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