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  1. The historical records of the Museum are preserved in the The Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine.
  2. A student at Harvard Medical School fatally shot herself Thursday morning in a bathroom of the university's Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard sources and students said.
  3. This essay drawn from the Clarence James Gamble Papers, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the Sarah Merry Bradley Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College.
  4. :Chen, Ching-chih . " Application of Operations Research Models to Libraries : A Case Study of the Use of Monographs in the Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine ."
  5. A 2005 radio competition organised by the Radio Prague station led a listener to reveal that these court records had in fact not been destroyed, and somehow found their way to the Francis Countway Library of Medicine in Boston.
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  7. There was renewed interest in November 2007, when the Reich archives at the Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University were unsealed; Reich had left instructions that his unpublished papers be stored for 50 years after his death.
  8. Evjy and others said that power struggles and personal resentments have been mounting for years between medical society officials, based in Waltham, and New England Journal editors, whose office is perched atop Harvard's Countway Library of Medicine in Boston.
  9. But research published three years ago by Richard Wolfe, a former curf6ator of Harvard's Countway Library of Medicine, asserted that Morton was a " nogoodnik " who stole the idea of anesthesia from Horace Wells, a Hartford dentist, and failed to credit Boston chemist Charles Jackson for his invaluable aid.
  10. The " New England Journal of Medicine " noted that The Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine loaned out material from the 19th century in order to make the 2010 electronic-conversion of the complete journal possible as paper copies of some issues of the Journal were found missing from the Journal's own paper archive.
  11. A significant number of copies of Caldwell's 18th and 19th century publications, including copies of the " Port folio ", survive in the collections of the AAS . Other institutions holding original copies of Caldwell's publications include the United States National Library of Medicine, and Harvard's Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine.
  12. Before her death, she donated her papers to the National Archives of Plastic Surgery in the Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine, which became the Boston Medical Library, where they remain collected today as the Kathryn Lyle Stephenson Papers, which Harvard University describes as " recording the development of the speciality " of plastic surgery " in the United States from the mid-1940s to the 1980s ."
  13. According to the History of Medicine Division of the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine, The Francis A . Countway Library of Medicine is the " largest academic medical library in the world, and its collections, which have been formed over nearly two centuries, sometimes through the medical holdings of other libraries, include rare and historical materials that can be numbered among the largest in the world ."


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