county administrative board造句


  1. The County Administrative Boards decide whether a building is to be listed.
  2. When it is shown with a royal crown it represents the County Administrative Board.
  3. The arms are displayed with a royal crown, representing the County Administrative Board.
  4. The foundation has been exempt from taxation since 1980 by the Stockholm county administrative board.
  5. In 1798 he became an " landskamrerare " ( member of the county administrative board ) in Visby.
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  7. On that same day the County Administrative Board had decided to prohibit the strike-breakers from working.
  8. In 2006, the County Administrative Board of G鋠leborg County handed over the documents concerning the issue to the Swedish National Heritage Board.
  9. By devolution the newly formed regional council assumed some power from the Sk錸e County Administrative Board, the state authority in Sk錸e County.
  10. As of 2007 the road project has undergone a feasibility study, and is awaiting feedback from the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.
  11. The project caused much debate and resulted in giving increased responsibility to the County Administrative Boards for the counties'local cultural heritage.
  12. The main responsibilities of the county administrative board is to coordinate the development of the county in line with goals set in national politics.
  13. Administratively, Sweden is divided into 21 County Administrative Board, or " l鋘sstyrelse ", which is appointed by the national government.
  14. He or she is appointed by the government, and presides over the " County Administrative Board " ( " l鋘sstyrelse " ).
  15. The municipalities sharing the catchment area, together with the county administrative board, are collaborating to improve water quality and the areas surrounding the stream.
  16. With such vague evidence of its existence, the ombudsman last week asked the Jaemtland county administrative board to send documents that led to its 1986 decision.
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