county administrator造句


  1. Shepherd, the Aiken county administrator, was fuming over the assault.
  2. It usually takes a month, said Deputy County Administrator Pat Miller.
  3. Another online auction is possible, Assistant County Administrator Brad Merriman said.
  4. Smaller counties may have either a county executive or a county administrator.
  5. The Commission appoints the County Administrator, County Attorney and County Auditor.
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  7. The courthouse also houses the office of the County Administrator.
  8. In 1507 17, she was county administrator of H鴍strup.
  9. Indian River County administrator Jim Chandler said the meeting lasted approximately one hour.
  10. Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman said Thursday the golfer claims self defense.
  11. County Administrator Mary E . Jones laughed when asked about the population explosion.
  12. The current County Administrator is Michael J . Amorosa.
  13. He promoted Cobb s water manager Harry Ingram to serve as county administrator.
  14. We need people buying houses, " said Sullivan County Administrator Linda Green.
  15. St . Lucie County Administrator Doug Anderson said.
  16. Claire Collins, the county administrator, said.
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