creed black造句


  1. Creed Black, former president, Knight Foundation
  2. After Creed Black assumed its presidency in 1988, the foundation's national presence grew.
  3. Creed Black, our publisher, listened politely and said he understood their problems with the story.
  4. Ubisoft also launched a new Assassin's Creed Black Flag trailer featuring " Railroad Track ".
  5. That the overall numbers have leveled off since the adoption of Proposition 48 is not surprising, according to Creed Black.
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  7. "We're hearing about Mickey Mouse courses and majoring in eligibility, " said panelist Creed Black, former president of the Knight Foundation.
  8. Creed Black, a member of the commission, said he was more than happy with the standards approved Monday, especially the sliding scale for partial qualifiers and limiting those athletes to three years of eligibility.
  9. It's an education problem, " said Creed Black, former president and chief executive officer of the Miami-based John S . and James L . Knight Foundation, which funds the commission.
  10. Creed Black, the president of the Knight Commission said his " alarm bells really started going off " when he learned of one proposal that would have allowed eligibility for students who scored as low as 410 on the SAT-- which amounts to answering one question correctly.


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